It's here — well, almost. We are pleased to unveil this prototype of the official Coastal Pirates bobblehead. If we get enough pre-orders, then Bobblehead Heroes in Springfield, Ohio, will produce a limited run of 50 of these nasty nodders.

At nearly 8-inches tall, this Pirate will have a fearsome feature that sets it apart from the masses: The skull will be coated with glow-in-the-dark paint (run your mouse over the image at left to get the effect) — now is that cool or what? The detailing that Bobblehead Heroes puts into their work won't disappoint you and we've been working directly with the company's president to make sure your kids will be screaming “Daddy!” with the lights on or off.

They make great presents for all occasions — from birthdays to baby showers — so order early and often and by summertime we'll all be nodding happily. Non-teammates and collectors are also welcome to order this Pirate treasure.

( $20 / now available, click here to order )